Vulnerable Crime, Matsu Casinos Denied Community

Plan for world gambling establishments on the islands of Matsu Taiwan getting strong opposition from the local community coalitions. Casinos will ruin the island is seen as it will bring the elements of the crime to the islands that people live simply.
As reported by VOA, the remote Matsu islands near Taiwan will soon become one of the gambling world, like Macau, Singapore and the Philippines.
Giant casino companies in the world find a place for these potential on a small island off the coast near Taiwan after getting permission from the state to build a gambling locations in the area.
Matsu Islands has a population of 10 thousand people and will be joined by Macau, Singapore and the Philippines as a place of gambling (casinos) world. Counted several casino companies from London to Las Vegas has been eyeing Taiwan for three years to establish the new gambling for huge Chinese market.
Taiwan central government argued, the casino will be able to invigorate the local tourism, hence the green light is given, but the plan must be approved by the local population. In Saturday's referendum, voters approved gambling with the sound difference is quite large, 57 to 43 percent.
John Bruce, director of operations risk management consulting firm Hill & Associates, said the vote was going to change the landscape of Matsu. Currently, the small islands depend on fishing, military base and a little tourism.
Taiwan is already talking about the establishment of a casino for 10 or 15 years. They observed throughout Asia and seeing the phenomenal success of Macau. Singapore is also a very fast make money and other areas, such as Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam have also started to move.
With decision Taiwan, Matsu, the government will decide how much the casino license to be issued and how much is to be built. Officials did not disclose specific plans before the vote but predicted only give one or two casino licenses.
Meanwhile, anti-casino advocacy group campaigning for the past week to reject the casino project, saying the casino would ruin the islands because it will bring criminal elements to the islands that people live simply. Defeated a similar referendum three years ago by a larger group of people on the island near Taiwan.
Penghu islanders feel uncomfortable against the threat of crime, though lured by the availability of jobs for them. Penghu Island again allowed to hold a referendum in early September, and the voting results on the island of Matsu could encourage new

Taxable Kepri induced Singapore Casinos

Riau Islands is the closest region or directly adjacent to Singapore so as to provide convenience for people who like to gamble, "said Rudy who is also the Honorary Board Apindo Riau Islands to the press in Tanjung Pinang.
He argues, the negative impact caused by the opening of the government legalized gambling means Singapore can not be measured at this time as the new day was inaugurated. At present, he said, can not be known how much money was taken the people living in the Riau Islands to Singapore to gamble. "It had a negative impact in the future, especially for families who like to gamble," he said.
The money was taken from the Riau Islands in large numbers to bet in a casino Sentosa, Singapore, could disrupt the economy of the region. In addition, gambling can ruin family relationships.
However, the problems caused by casino gaming in Singapore was covered by local governments with the legislature, Riau Islands since a year ago. The Singapore government issued a policy that prohibits gambling in the local casino if the family objected.
The policy is not only applicable to Singapore citizens. The Singapore government is willing to follow up reports of Indonesian citizens who objected when one of his family gamble in the casino. "The policy was taken to prevent the loss greater for the family," he said.
Indonesian Government's efforts to control the flow of dollars were taken abroad the Singaporean government is also done.
Indonesian government to limit and impose a tax for residents who bring money over USD 100 million, while Singapore citizens who carry cash more than 30,000 Singapore dollars required to report to the government. "It's an effort to reduce the crime rate caused by the circulation of dollars overseas," he said.
According to him, the presence of a casino in the tourist area of ​​Sentosa, Singapore, also have a positive impact on the tourism sector Batam, Karimun and Tanjung Pinang. These three areas can be used as a transit point for tourists who want to visit the casino on Sentosa.

Looked Casinos in Singapore

When stepping foot into the Casino at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, direct memory occurred at scenes from the film "God of Gambler". The film "God of Gambler" tells Hongkong production lunge reliably gambler Ko Chun, starring Chow Yun-fat. The film is often aired on Indonesian television channel. Surely you've watched even just once.
Unfortunately, in the area of ​​the casino should not take photos. Shades of red interiors give effect to the spirit to play gambling maniacs. If you are visiting the Resorts World Sentosa, there's no harm come to Casino. Even if you do not intend to play, look around the casino could add to your travel experience. Do not be surprised to see the gamblers. Since the gaming table not only the monopoly of the young. When stopped by the Casino, looking older troupe fun gamble. In fact, at one poker table, a grandmother who looks serious wheelchair sitting with cards.
Casino is open 24 hours is always crowded with gamblers. Whether it's in the morning, afternoon, evening, even in the early morning. Coffee and tea are free at any time poured to accompany the gamblers who stay up all night to try their luck. Occasional noise of blaring victory celebration. Not infrequently, counter strike sound signal sounded frustrated at losing. But in general only rub sounds cards, poker chips that collided, and slot machines spinning.
"Casino was opened in February 2011 and the first casino in Singapore. Here the behavior is Roulette and slot machines," said Senior Manager of Communications, Resorts World Sentosa, Lee Sin Yee.
Slot machines are gambling machines commonly found in casinos. There are three or more images on the machine comprises a rotating lever when the button is pressed or run. If the jackpot or the picture that came out the same, then he wins.
Indeed, slot machines rule in this place. There's a lot of appearances and images of slot machines. That said, the person who first hit the jackpot on the slot machines at the casino is an Indonesian. In addition to the easy to play also suitable for beginners. This game really rely on sheer luck. Especially to play slot machines simply use a 10 dollar minimum bet Singapore Singapore 1 dollar. Be careful if you dare to try the slot machines, you might never stop playing.
In the casino there are also restaurants serving food with varying prices. You can just go to the casino just to look and ended with a meal at one of the restaurants there. Some even provide a menu with prices below 10 dollars in Singapore.
Casino in resots World Sentosa is also campaigning for responsible gambling. One of the program is to provide facilities "Loss Limit". The player can decide how much money will he play. This is to prevent losses in the amount beyond the limit.
Foreign tourists do not have to pay to get into the casino. Simply by showing a passport, they can be automatically entered. As for visitors to Singapore citizenship must pay 100 Singapore dollars. This method is simply to prevent local residents being addicted to gambling.

las vegas casino

Las Vegas is one of the best gambling places in the world and the center of the gambling industry in the United States. Las Vegas was founded in 1905 and started its reputation as a place of gambling in 1931 when Nevada legalized gambling. In the 1950s, casinos Las Vegas explode into the biggest gambling centers in the United States and ebrtahan gambling with his title as the best in the world. All over the world, Macau is the amount exceeds Sin City.
Las Vegas casinos are divided into 3 categories. The Strip casino located on the Las Vegas Strip, which is the goal of the tourists come here and The Downtown of the Las Vegas is a classic form of Las Vegas, with cheaper prices and events - other interesting events. And the last is a place - a place with a category other than the casino and hotel on the Strip or Downtown area.

Casino Las Vegas Strip
When imagining gamble in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip immediately pictured in your brain as one of the best gambling places. North Las Vegas Boulevard is divided in four areas, starting right in Las Vegas that includes Paradise and Winchester.
Casino - Las Vegas Strip casinos are mostly best casino gambling as a luxury food was very tasty for those who really want a holiday experience mewah.Tetapi however, other options remain available for those who want an alternative. Some hotels with affordable prices available in this area, with the option - cheaper gambling options.
However, as the majority of the Las Vegas Strip gambling best place is dominated by the fancy places serving the best gambling experience at a price that is quite expensive. If you are a tourist with an exorbitant budget, then this place should be your first choice as a place to visit in Vegas. However, if you are a tourist with a limited budget, it may travel in downtown Las Vegas can be your choice for recreational areas there is much less expensive than the Strip.

About Casino in Genting

World wide legendary entertainment dangdut song was emg bludgeon death of deh ... until whenever I'm sure the song is remembered till lo grandchildren, great-grandchildren later. Hehe Tp this time I will not ngebahas about that song .. (sorry yah close immediately if still looking wrote that song)

The song was emg bener bgt .. emg gambling not good for health. Both mental health and the health of the bag!

But yet, to just know that like any Casino, home lo udh 21 years not barred anyway .. to enter the Casino itself is free Pulak.

If the State of its existing Casino .. the itinerary I always budgeted money to play Casino. Not much. The important thing is just I can feel the experience of playing at the Casino in the country, so I do not feel awkward if I go to Las Vegas (amen) later hahaha. Anyway if a lot. Continue to lose. Dead, can not return to my indo!

In Malaysia, there are at Genting Casino center. In First World indoor theme park and its existing casino in it. Kinda does not think, Malaysia with Islamic law adopted, the government legalized gambling. And in fact weve also still a little tight in the casino regulations in Malaysia. I idly Seeing regulatory board at the entrance of one of the Casino at Genting. Reply posted Malaysian citizens who are Muslims forbidden to enter, and if caught in and gamble until he would be punished and fined as much as who knows how many ringgit I forgot .. but the essence of Malaysian citizens who ga allowed in islam. Well, once entered into, I do not find EMG's faces wither there, a lot of it is a Malaysian of Chinese descent.

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